Rupiah Opens Lower 8 pts at Rp13,893 Against USD on Friday

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  • Ilustrasi mata uang rupiah. TEMPO/Wisnu Agung Prasetyo

    Ilustrasi mata uang rupiah. TEMPO/Wisnu Agung Prasetyo

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta- Bloomberg Dollar Index said in the opening Friday, August 21, the rupiah fell 8 points or 0.06% to Rp13.893/US$.

    At 8:03 am, the rupiah fell 9 points to Rp13.894/US$, moving in the range of 13,882-13,905.

    Samuel Securities Indonesia predicts the rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar in Friday’s trading is still under pressure.

    “The possibility of rupiah weakening is still there, looking at oil prices that fell sharply overnight. But the dollar index weakening triggered by declining expectations of US interest rate hikes, potentially preventing the weakening going too deep," said Samuel Securities Indonesia economist Rangga Cipta in his research Friday.

    He said the dollar index fell along with the decline in US Treasury yields and US stock indices.

    "The number of jobless claims that rose suppressed expectations of a US interest rate hike that climbed a few days ago, following the release of the FOMC meeting minutes,” said Rangga in his research.

    The resignation of Greek Prime Ministerwas welcomed, looking at the euro that rose sharply until last night.

    "This morning, awaited Chinese manufacturing figures are expected to remain steady. US manufacturing figures released tonight are also expected to remain steady," said Rangga.

    From within the country, Rangga said commodity prices that continue to fall also increasingly eroded expectations for future improvement of Indonesian exports.