Young Generation Called To Engage in Entrepreneurship

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta- Sports and Youth Minister Imam Nahrawi has called on young generation to become entrepreneurs.

    “In the future, we don’t have to be civil servants, bank employees or others, but entrepreneurs employing thousands of workers,” Imam said in a press release quoted by Antara on Sunday, August 16.

    Imam expressed optimism that Indonesia would become one of the leading countries in Asia provided that young Indonesian people have the spirit of entrepreneurship.

    In a bid to boost such a spirit, the Sports and Youth Ministry and the Center for Economic and Democracy Studies (CEDeS) launched an entrepreneurship program for university students.

    CEDeS director Zaenul Ula said the program was aimed at improving young people’s productivity and competitiveness, as well as gathering ideas and insights from economic expert to develop entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

    “ASEAN will soon enter the 2015 ASEAN Economic Community. Young people must be parts of international economy,” Zaenul added.

    Therefore, Zaenul emphasized the importance of synergy and collaboration between ministries to support the program.

    “Inter-ministry integration is important to support young entrepreneurs at universities. They need concrete support,” he said.