BRI to Expand to Malaysia

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  • ATM Bank BRI. TEMPO/Eko Siswono Toyudho

    ATM Bank BRI. TEMPO/Eko Siswono Toyudho

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - State lender Bank Rakyat Indonesia reported that it would open a branch office in neighboring Malaysia after the Financial Services Authority (OJK) opened the access to do expansion to the country through a bilateral agreement with Bank Negara Malaysia.

    BRI President Director Asmawi Syam said that the bank had already prepared the opening of the office and the plan would be included in the Bank Business Plan next year.

    "We’re preparing the plan. It is expected to be manifested next year,” he said.

    Asmawi also said that Malaysia had a big potential for the expansion of the bank’s services such as remittance and other services. He further said that BRI had also cooperated with Bank Rakyat Malaysia, so it can use 147 BRM office networks for remittance services and credit services.