Poor Infrastructure Makes Property Market Unattractive to Expats

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  • Ilustrasi apartemen. REUTERS/Erik De Castro

    Ilustrasi apartemen. REUTERS/Erik De Castro

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Indonesia's infrastructure quality that is still below international standards—particularly in the fields of health and education—is not attracting foreigners to buy, despite the government's recent decision to allow foreign ownership in the property sector.

    Edward Kusma, director of Vida Bekasi, said that Indonesia's infrastructure lags behind neighbors' like Malaysia and Thailand, whose property sectors manage to pool in foreigners into buying homes there.

    One of the main considerations in buying homes is the availability of adequate facilities that would allow homeowners to live comfortably.

    "Who would want to buy a house in an area with bad traffic, lack of good schools, and where it is difficult to find daily needs? A lot of this supporting infrastructure is not available," Edward said on Wednesday, August 5.

    Potential foreign property buyers only come from the working community, creating only a small share in the property market for foreign residents.