South Sulawesi to Increase Cocoa Production

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  • REUTERS/Yusuf Ahmad

    REUTERS/Yusuf Ahmad

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Industrial Ministry Saleh Husin encouraged cocoa seed processing company to increase its production from 0.5 ton per hectare to 2 tons per hectare.  The impulse is addressed to PT Mars Symbioscience Indonesia.

    “We encouraged PT Mars to increase the production of local farmers from half a ton to 2 tons (per hectare) and they claimed they are capable,” Husin said during his work visit to PT Mars Symbioscience Indonesia, Makassar, South Sulawesi on Monday, Aug. 3.

    “I believe that South Sulawesi continue to thrive.  Natural resources industry including chocolate has a fairly large export value, therefore we encourage them to advance,” said Husin.

    PT Mars Symbioscience Indonsia CEO Ruud Engbers said to have established a research center in certain locations to apply the principles of cocoa farming that are profitable to farmers.  “Farmers need to be encouraged in processing their lands in order to work better and invest for the future,” said Engbers.

    “In East Luwu, South Sulawesi, we established a Cocoa Academy that provides agronomy and business training towards farmers and cocoa experts.”