Corruption Reached Billions In Dwelling Time Process

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  • Lima Kementerian Terbitkan Regulasi Tekan Dwelling Time

    Lima Kementerian Terbitkan Regulasi Tekan Dwelling Time

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesian Logistic Association Chairman Akbar Djohan predicts the circulation of illegal money for the dwelling time process at Tanjung Priok Port is estimated to reach hundreds of billions.  

    Bribery occurs during the pre-clearance stage or licensing, he said on Thursday, July 29, 2015.

    There are three stages of loading and unloading: Pre-clearance, customs clearance and post-clearance.

    Akbar said during the pre-clearance stage, the most dominant ministry or state institutions is the Trade Ministry. Its duty and authority is directly under the Directorate General of Foreign Trade to the Ministry of Trade.

    From there, it will be forwarded to the relevant ministries that are directly responsible for certain products. “This is where bribery occurs. For example, the Trade Ministry acknowledged that the company’s import products have issues. In order to avoid licensing by other ministries, they set a high rate for the bribe,” said Akbar.

    Metro Jaya Police Department have set three people as suspects in the alleged bribery and licensing case pertaining to the delay of dwelling time at Tanjung Priok Port, following the raid and inspection in the Trade Ministry.

    Authorities have seized $42,000, $4,000 and several documents. The money was believed to be bribes and used to accelerate the license process. Besides establishing three suspects, police also detained six people from the Trade Ministry.

    Those three people are identified as I, a subdirectorate head to the Trade Ministry, who is currently in Canada; MU, an importer and broker; and N, an employee of the Ministry of Trade.