Labor Ministry to Limit Foreign Workers in Indonesia

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  • AP/Sang Tan

    AP/Sang Tan

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The government, Labor Ministry in particular, is urged to tighten the entry of foreign workers to Indonesia.

    Local council member Nofi Candra suggested the matter on Sunday, July 26, responding to the news that there has been an exodus of Chinese foreign workers to Indonesia, especially in Papua and Banten.

    “The Labor Ministry should give firm sanctions towards companies that hire foreign workers that do not meet the standard requirements according to the existing regulations,” the West Sumatra senator said in a press release.

    He reminded the government to refuse any form of foreign intervention disguised in the form of capital investment and cooperation in labor issues.

    “If the exodus of these worker is allowed without any serious attention from the government, Indonesian workers will be ignored and the unemployment rate will be higher,” said Nofi.

    Nofi expects the government to empower and optimize Indonesia’s human resource due to the high unemployment rate in Indonesia from the lack of government attention.

    The government should also pay more attention and optimize Indonesia’s workforce skills in order to be compete, especially in facing the ASEAN Economic Community.