Gov't Offers Investments to British Businesses  

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesia welcomes British Prime Minister David Cameron and his entourage of 30 business representatives on Monday, July 27, 2015. "We will offer them everything that we've got," said Minister of National Development Planning, Andrinof Chaniago.

    In terms of investment, the government offers project plans cited in the blue book and projects listed under public private partnership (PPP) scheme. Andrinof said that Indonesia will ask the United Kingdom to help fund priority infrastructure projects such as power plants and other development projects in East Indonesia. The government will also offer investment in fishery, air navigation, and port sectors.

    "We will explain all investment options to [the businesses]," said Andrinof. However, the Minister added that the British will make their call based on their ability and vision.

    On the trading sector, the government will attempt to procure new defense equipments such as transport helicopters and aerial counter-missile. Andrinof said that the United Kingdom had offered lower prices compared to the United States and Russia. "We will purchase items according to our needs," Andrinof said.