Police Secure Churches in West Java

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  • ANTARA/Zabur Karuru

    ANTARA/Zabur Karuru

    TEMPO.CO, Bandung - The West Java Police has intensified security in churches to anticipate the effect of the incident that had recently occurred in Tolikara, Papua.

    "We're working with churches for internal security," said West Java Police Deputy Chief Brig. Gen. Muhammad Taufik on Thursday, July 23, 2015.

    Taufik said that currently, there are no indications that a similar incident might occur as the situation in West Java is still relatively safe. "However, we are still anticipating and hope that there is no danger in West Java," Taufik said.

    The West Java Police also asked all police resorts to anticipate any possibilities of incidents. "Each regency has taken anticipation measures and all local and religious figures have agreed to respect and look after each other in West Java," said Taufik.

    West Java governor Ahmad Heryawan also urged all parties to maintain religious peace. Ahmad also instructed all demonstrations related to the Tolikara incident to be conducted peacefully.