Hotels in Yogyakarta Fully Booked Since Eid

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    TEMPO.CO, Yogyakarta - Head of Hotel and Restaurant Association of Yogyakarta, Istijab Danunagoro, claimed that hotels in Yogyakarta were fully booked since Eid D+1. "Until Eid D+3, the number of guests rose up to 80 percent compared to that of usual day," said Istijab on Monday, July 20.

    Istijab said that hotels in Malioboro were the most favored destinations, with the majority of guests from Jakarta.

    Istijab said that amid significant rise of guests, the number is a little lesser that that of last year. He said that it is mostly because there are more hotels in Yogyakarta, now reaching 80 hotels with 8,000 rooms.

    Nevertheless, he said that hotels in Yogyakarta also expereicned an essential drop in revenue, potentially reaching 40 percent. It is because the government has banned meetings and conferences in hotels.