Train Gaining Popularity Among Homecomers: PT KAI

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Head of Public Relations Division of state-owned train operator PT KAI 1 Regional Operation (DAOP) Bambang S Prayitno said that the number of homecoming travellers by trains had increased from year to year.

    He also estimated that the number of train passengers on Eid ul-Fitr on Friday is not too different from the number of passengers on Thursday.

    "If we look at the data, the rise in the number of passengers had begun since 6 days before Idul Fitri,” he said.

    For the record, the number of train passengers two days before Eid at Gambir station, Central Jakarta, reached 12,911 people and rose into 13,074 on the following day. Meanwhile, at Pasar Senen station, two days before Eid, the number reached 23,340 people and increased into 23,388 on the following day.

    This condition, however, is in contrast with the condition in a number of major bus stations in Jakarta such as Pulogadung bus station in East Jakarta.

    Data taken on 14 July 2015 shows that there were 150 buses carrying 2,856 passengers departing from the bus station. On 15 July 2015, there were only 146 buses departing from the bus station although the number of passengers carried increased into 3,070 passengers.

    On 16 July or one day before Eid, there were only 101 buses carrying 1,434 passengers departing from the bus station.