East Java Notes Increasing Imports of Raw Materials

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  • Ilustrasi Industri Baja dan Besi. TEMPO/Subekti

    Ilustrasi Industri Baja dan Besi. TEMPO/Subekti

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The East Java Statistics Agency reported that the amount of imported materials has increased in June 2015, reaching up to US$1.808 million. The figure was 2.6 percent higher compared to the previous figure of US$1.768 million recorded in May. The increase was said to be caused by an increasing demand of raw materials.

    M. Sairi Hasbullah, Head of The East Java Statistics Agency, said that demands for raw materials would continue to increase until July 2015. "This is a sign that production [capacity] in East Java will increase," Sairi said on Wednesday, July 15, 2015.

    Sairi asserted that the high import figures were caused by machines and mechanical tools needed for heavy industry. "Our country relies on materials from China. There is a risk that a hit to the Chinese economy can have adverse effects in Indonesia," Sairi added.

    However, Sairi expressed his optimism towards the current economic condition of East Java.