Three Issues to be Covered in PPHI Law Amendment

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  • Revisi Undang-Undang Tergantung Jokowi

    Revisi Undang-Undang Tergantung Jokowi

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Constitutional Review Labor, Research, and Consulting viewed that there were at least three issues to be covered in the revision of Law No. 2/2004 on the Industrial Relation Dispute Settlement.

    Muhammad Hafidz, a researcher at the Constitutional Review Labour, Research and Consulting, said that the first issue to be addressed was the revision of Article 96 of the PPHI Law concerning the requirement for companies to pay salaries of workers who are waiting for the verdict of an industrial relation dispute.

    Second, Hafidz added, the revision of dispute settlement mechanism must add a new article regulating the settlement carried out by manpower supervisory officials.

    “Industrial Relation Dispute related to rights that has been settled by the officials will no longer be considered as a dispute. The officials shall conduct an enforcement to execute the decision,” Hafidz said in a press release as reported by on Sunday, July 12, 2015.

    In addition, dispute settlement through mediation should be carried out in a trial. Hafidz also questioned the absence of details related the time limit of the settlement at the Supreme Court (MA).

    “Therefore, the time limit for the settlement procedure at the MA should be defined in details,” he suggested.