Trade Ministry Tightens Import Rules

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  • Rahmat Gobel. TEMPO/Wisnu Agung Prasetyo

    Rahmat Gobel. TEMPO/Wisnu Agung Prasetyo

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - In a bid to address dwelling time issue at Indonesian ports, Trade Minister Rachmat Gobel said on Friday, July 3, 2015, that he has issued Trade Minister Regulation No. 4/M-Dag/per/7/2015 on General Provisions on Imports.

    Rachmat said that the new regulation would require importers to complete their import permit application before the goods arrived at ports. According to Rachmat, lengthy dwelling time occured because importers often apply for the permit after the goods had arrived.

    "Without the import permit, the goods can't leave ports," Rachmat said.

    Rachmat added that ships carrying imported goods would neither be allowed to discharge nor load their goods without the permit.

    "Because ports are not a place to hoard [goods]," Rachmat explained.

    Rachmat said that violations of the regulation would result in suspension of importer identification numbers (API) and other sanctions under the existing law, and violators would be required to return the goods to countries of origin.

    "We need to be assertive to solve the problem," Rachmat said.

    Rachmat said that the regulation will be in force starting from January 1, 2016.