West Kalimantan May Lose Rp44bn Shared Profits from Mining

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - West Kalimantan could lose Rp44 billion of shared profits (DBH) from the mining sector in 2014. Arif Munandar, a researcher at Swandiri Institute Pontianak, said that value is still better than the potential loss in 2013, which reached Rp88 billion.

    "The Corruption Eradication Commission's Coordination Supervision (Korsup KPK) mentioned a potential state loss of Rp44 billion in 2014," Arif told Bisnis Indonesia, Friday June 06.

    He said mining companies that started operating in West Kalimantan before the Korsup KPK was established had not paid their shared profits to the government in 2012, valuing at Rp72 billion.

    That means, he said, there is a decline in the potential state loss since the establishment of the Korsup KPK. The Korsup had asked local governments to conduct inspections of mining companies in West Kalimantan.

    "In 2012 the actual of profit-sharing value was Rp10.8 billion, in 2013 it was Rp24.90 billion and in 2014 it amounted to Rp72.85 billion," he said.