Finance Minister Pledges More Funds for Villages in 2017

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro said Sunday villages would receive Rp1 billion in 2017 from the central government, higher than this year’s Rp250 million. 

    Bambang hoped the funds would help villages improve the people’s welfare. “This large amount of money will hopefully benefit the people,” he said. 

    According to Bambang, the village funds were among of the regional transfer instruments from the central government to villages through city governments. In this year’s state budget, the allocation for the village funds is Rp20.7 trillion.

    The government in April already disbursed more than Rp8 trillion in village funds. “So far, Rp7.9 trillion has been transferred across Indonesia,” he said. 

    Bambang said the village funds could be used for village infrastructure development and maintaining economic growth. “Village fund infrastructure projects are implemented by the villagers themselves,” said Bambang. 

    Later, the village funds will be allocated for community empowerment so the people can do a better job in the agricultural sector.