Bekasi, Depok to Expel Beggars

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  • TEMPO.CO, Bekasi - Bekasi and Depok City Administrations are set to send beggars home. “They devastate the city’s image,” said Dalfi from the Social Agency of Bekasi on Friday June 19.

    However, Dalfi said that the government will first send the beggars to Social Housing Bulak Kapal in East Bekasi to help equip them with proper skills. Dalfi said that beggars come only during Ramadan Season.

    Dalfi also suggested that the people of Bekasi not to give them money. Instead, he said that people can donate to social, organization, both private and public.

    Depok City Administration also claimed similar problem. Ani Rahmayanti from the social agency said that she has been reparing a team to help return them home. “For beggars from out of Java, we will coordinate with Jakarta City Administration,” she said.

    Ani added most of the beggars have no budget to return home. She also claimed that her agency netted at least 25 beggars a month. In 2014, it reached up to 380 people, consisting of 110 beggars, 45 homeless people, and 225 street kids.