Kalla Challenges Youths to Create Cheaper, Better Energy

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  • TEMPO.CO, Bali – Vice Presidet Jusuf Kalla said the country's youngsters must start thinking about energy for the future as Indonesia is in urgent need of alternative energy and could not keep relying on the present available energy. 

    Kalla said many countries had successfully drawn on renewable energy. “Indonesia has only used around 12 percent. The rest is still using fossil-based energy,” said Kalla during the International Student Energy Summit in Bali on Wednesday. 

    Speaking before hundreds of delegates of more than 100 countries, Kalla said the use of alternative energy, such as wind, solar power and biogas should be considered and asked all delegates to conduct comparative studies on the efficient use of energy in each country to seek solution to energy development in the future. 

    Kalla continued that the use of alternative energy in Indonesia was crucial, especially because Indonesia still depended on fossil-based energy. 

    “Our energy source is still 50 percent coal,” he said, adding that Indonesia has potential energy sources such as hydropower and geothermal energy.

    However, according to Kalla, not all energy sources can be used in Indonesia. Nuclear, for example, is unusable because earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are common in Indonesia.

    Kalla said since a long time ago humans had always used renewable energy, such as wind. After energy revolution, energy sources shifted to fossi-basedl energy and then nuclear, he added.

    “The Challenge for the youth is to create better, cheaper and faster energy,” said Kalla.