Premium Consumption to Climb 18 Percent during Ramadan

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  • Ilustrasi harga Bahan Bakar Minyak (BBM). TEMPO/Prima Mulia

    Ilustrasi harga Bahan Bakar Minyak (BBM). TEMPO/Prima Mulia

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - State-run oil and gas firm PT Pertamina estimated the consumption of Premium gasoline would jump by 18 percent during the month of Ramadan and Idul Fitri holidays. The company said it had taken anticipative measures to deal with the matter.

    “We always build up our stock. We guarantee that the fuel stock this year is safe,” said Pertamina’s marketing and trade director Ahmad Bambang in a release dated Wednesday, June 10, 2015.

    It is estimated that the increase in Premium consumption reach 89,000 kiloliters from 76,000 kiloliters, while LPG consumption will increase to 20,000 ton metric tons from the normal 19,000 metric tons daily.

    The consumption of aviation turbine fuel (avtur) is forecast to rise by 10 percent to 12,000 kiloliters, while diesel fuel (Solar) consumption will slip by 11 percent to 33,000 kiloliters.

    Pertamina has stepped up its fuel safety to anticipate increased fuel consumption for the Ramadan month and Idul Fitri, with a Premium stock for 19 days, Solar for 22 days, avtur for 26 days, Pertamax for 26 days, and LPG for 17 days.