Industries Urged to Use Local Raw Materials

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  • ANTARA/Kasriadi


    TEMPO.CO, JakartaPresident Joko Widodo (Jokowi) asked the use of local raw materials in all kind of industries to be maximized. President assessed that until now there are many products that use imported raw materials despite the fact that local materials are available.

    "So there were many factories industrial capacity should be 90 percent, became only 40-60 percent. It will be our concern," he said when opening the closed meeting at the Presidential Office, on Tuesday, June 9.

    In fact, if the use of local raw materials is maximized, continued Jokowi, the economic growth will rise faster. Therefore, the government planned to create a rule which forcing the industry to maximize the use of raw materials from within the country.

    "To achieve this goal it is need adjustments and systematic regulation which later we want to make," said Jokowi.

    The meeting was attended by Trade Minister Rahmat Gobel, Industry Minister Saleh Husin, Economy Minister Sofyan Djalil and State Secretary Minister Pratikno.