Traders Restrict Purchase of Onions, Shallots

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  • Pedagang bawang merah. TEMPO/Imam Sukamto

    Pedagang bawang merah. TEMPO/Imam Sukamto

    TEMPO.CO, Bandung - Traders in traditional markets in Bandung have restricted the purchase of onions and shallots after the prices of the two commodities recently soared.

    “With very high prices of those commodities, traders will adjust their selling,” said Head of Public Relations and Organization Division of West Java Traditional Stalls and Markets Traders Association (Pesat) Agus Juandi to Tempo on Friday.

    Agus cited the example. He usually 10 kilograms of those commodities from the retailers but now he can only buy half of it.

    “Production is limited but consumption is rising,” he said.

    According to Agus, the prices of onions and shallots have indeed surged.

    The price of onion in the past two days have reached Rp35,000 to Rp40,000 per kilogram, while the prices of shallot has been around Rp32,000 to Rp35,000 per kilogram.

    Agus also said that the rising demands for those two commodities ahead of the Fasting month have become the cause of the soaring price, while the supply is limited.

    “Every year before the fasting month, production and consumption is not balanced,” he concluded.