MRT Manager: Average Traffic Speed in Jakarta is 5 Km/h

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - MRT Project Manager, Heru Nugroho, said that the average traffic speed in Jakarta during rush hour is recorded at 5 kilometers per hour (Km/h). The awfully slow movement of traffic was due to the rising number of population and vehicles in the city.

    Heru said that during rush hour period, around 12 million people are travelling through the capital.

    Heru explained that population density and travel time calculation in Jakarta was initiated back in 1985. The calculation involves two traffic routes, namely routes from Cilandak, South Jakarta to the National Monument (Monas), Central Jakarta, and from Pasar Minggu area to Manggarai.

    Heru said that in 1985, the calculation result showed that it only takes 38 minutes to go from Cilandak to Monas with an average speed of 24.7 Km/h. Fifteen years later in 2000, traveling from Cilandak to Monas requires 49 minutes with an average speed of 19.2 Km/h. "In 2011, it takes 100 minutes with average speed of 9.4 Km/h," said Heru.

    Meanwhile, for the Pasar Minggu-Manggarai route, record showed that it only takes 22 minutes to travel with an average speed of 26.3 Km/h. In 2000, a person needs 36 minutes to go to one area to the other with an average speed of 16.1 Km/h, and in 2011, it takes as long as 95 minutes with an average speed of 6.1 Km/h.

    Hery said that the worsening traffic had forced people to resort to public transportation and using motorbikes. However, with the lack of infrastructure and low quality presented by public transportation, most people prefer to have their own motorbikes, which lead to even worse traffic congestion.

    Hery believed that one of the solution to the capital's perennial traffic problems would be the implementation of mass transportation, such as the Mass Rapid Transit. "It can take you from Lebak Bulus to Hotel Indonesia roundabout in only five minutes with a capacity of 300,000 passengers per day," said Heru.