Govt to Import Red Onions, Chilies ahead of Fasting Month

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  • TEMPO/Fully Syafi

    TEMPO/Fully Syafi

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Trade Minister Rachmat Gobel said he would import red onions and chilies to rein in the price hikes of the two commodities. 

    “Domestic production is still insufficient to meet the needs across Indonesia,” said Rachmat on Wednesday, adding they would be imported in less than a week to maintain their prices before the beginning of the fasting month and Idul Fitri. 

    Rachmat the planned import of chilies was aimed at keeping their prices from soaring as what happened last year when the price of chili hit Rp130,000 per kg. 

    Rachmat said despite the fact that red onions and chilies are seasonal produces whose supplies were adequate for a year, short supplies were still possible ahead of the fasting month and Idul Fitri. 

    “Importing is the last resort, when supplies are lacking,” said Rachmat, adding that red onions and chilies would be the only commodities to be imported.