Ahok Hints at Running for 2017 Jakarta Governor Election

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama hinted that he would run for Jakarta governor election race in 2017. He also said that he has two choices: running as an independent candidate or being nominated by a political party.

    However, Basuki realized that his struggle as an independent candidate would not be easy as he has to collect one million copies of Jakarta residential identity card (KP) as a proof of supports.

    He also said that he would not bother collecting the copies.

    "Let the people move. I don’t want to bother,” he said.

    Basuki also said that he is still considering the option of being nominated by a political party and said that he would not rush accepting offer from the National Democratic Party, which  has expressed its support to nominate him as Jakarta Governor.

    "I will see the process first,” he added.

    Previously, Chairman of the National Democratic Fraction at the Jakarta Regional Council Bestari Barus said that his party would support Basuki if he runs for the governor election in 2017.

    However, he said that Basuki has to meet several criteria if he wants to get support from the party.