RI Red Onion Imports Tumble in 2011-2014

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  • Ilustrasi Bawang Merah. TEMPO/Hariandi Hafid

    Ilustrasi Bawang Merah. TEMPO/Hariandi Hafid

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Agriculture Ministry recorded the country’s red onion imports had been declining in 2011-2014.

    The ministry’s horticulture director general, Hasanuddin Ibrahim, said early this week that Indonesia imported 160,467 tons of red onions in 2011 worth US$77.44 million, and the figure sagged to 123,315 tons or US$55,13 million in 2012.

    "In 2013, red onion imports slipped again to 96,139 tons or US$54.71 million and 2014 only saw 60,023 tons or US$23.47 million,” he said.

    Hasanuddin said besides importing red onions the country also exported the commodity albeit still in a relatively small amount.

    He explained red onion imports in 2011-2014 reached 13,792 tons; 19,196 tons; 4,982 tons and 394 tons, respectively.

    Red onion import value in 2011-2014, he went on, reached US$6.59 million, US$8.87 million, US$2.98 million and US$169,343, respectively.

    According to Hasanuddin, Indonesia’s red onion production was 893,124 tons in 2011, 964,195 tons in 2012, 1.01 million tons in 2013 and 1.22 million tons in 2014.