Pertamina Testing 3 Biofuel Types

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – State oil and gas company PT Pertamina (Persero) today announced the results of its research on renewable energy fuels. Right now, the three fuel types are undergoing commercial testing before going into mass production.

    "If three of these products can be used, Indonesia could become the biggest producer of bioenergy in the world," Pertamina VP for research and development Eko Wahyu Laksono said in the 'New and Renewable Energy' discussion at the Pertamina building in Jakarta, Monday, May 18.

    The first fuel is hydrotreated biodiesel (HBD) with a basic material palm oil fatty acid methyl tester (FAME), which does not need to be blended with fossil-based fuels. The fuel can fire up an engine with a hydro-oxidation up to 100 percent.

    Another source of energy id algae oil, which Eko said is more productive than palm oil. Algae oil can produce up to 8,500 liters per hectare while oil output is only around 300 to 600 liters per hectare.

    The last type is the emulsified diesel fuel, which is a mixture of diesel with water, and compounded with a surfactant. Emulsified diesel, Eko said, has lower emission than regular diesel. This type of fuel is suitable for high-powered combustion engine such as speed boat, public transportation, or industrial needs.