Minister Confident in Delivering Stable Value Fund for Villages

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Villages, Disadvantage Regions, and Transmigration Minister, Marwan Jafar, said that he is optimistic that the government can deliver village fund for 74,053 villages. He added that the government has prepared Rp20 trillion, in which each village will get Rp250 million to Rp280 million.

    However, Marwan said that the fund will only be given to villages under regency government, not city administration. As for its use,Marwan leaves it to the government. He expects that the fund to be use as a capital to create SMEs, facilitate irrigation, and other important matters.

    The fund will be delivered in sequence, topping at Rp1 billion per village in 2016. Due to the massive number of fund, the ministry has asked Financial Audit Board to supervise the flow. He also promised that the ministry will perform internal monitoring upon the budget use.