Sriwijaya Air Adds More Planes

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  • Ambil Rute Merpati, Sriwijaya Tambah Rute di Timur

    Ambil Rute Merpati, Sriwijaya Tambah Rute di Timur

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesian domestic airline Sriwijaya Air announced that they have received three new Boeing 737-800 Next Generation airplanes. The planes are part of the airline’s program to acquire 10 new planes in 2015.

    "[…] 10 new Boeing 737-800 NG will be the main powerhouse of Sriwijaya Air's services until the end of 2015," said Agus Soedjono, Corporate Communication Manager of Sriwijaya Air on Thursday, May 14, 2015.

    Two more of Sriwijaya Air's 737-800 NG are scheduled on arrive later in June 2015. By the end of the first semester of 2015, Sriwijaya Air is expected to have five new Boeing 737-800 NG, while the remaining five will be delivered in the latter half of 2015.

    Agus said, that the additional planes mark the airline's business expansion, especially on international routes, such as China. "[Passengers] from China are so many, that is why we continue to add more flights to the country," Agus said.

    Currently, Sriwijaya Air has four flight routes to four different cities in China, including routes from Denpasar to Huangzhou, Denpasar-Ningbo, Denpasar-Nanking, and Denpasar-Cengdu.