Toyota, Nissan to Recall 6.5 Million Vehicles on Faulty Airbags

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  • REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

    REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Japanese carmakers Toyota and Nissan have announced they will be recalling around 6.5 million cars from all around the globe due to a potentially fatal airbag failure, which has been linked to at least five fatalities in recent months. 

    Toyota said that around five million vehicles that would be recalled comprised 35 models were produced globally between March 2003-November 2007, whereas Nissan will recall at least 1.56 million models from around the world because of problematic airbags, which were produced by airbag manufacturer Takata. 

    "This will affect our markets across the globe, especially Japan, Europe, and North America," a Nissan spokesperson told AFP, adding that the fault may cause accidental airbag deployment, among other complications due to the faulty manufacturing of the unit. 

    "There are other factors at play. That said, our investigation into the matter seems to point at faults relating to the wiring insulation for the airbag inflator, which could lead to accidental deployment or failures to deploy in cases of accidents," said the spokesperson. 

    The spokesperson said that the recall would affect its models produced between 2004-2008. 

    However, both automotive giants said there had been no deaths nor injuries linked to the latest recalls. 

    The announcement came after a massive recall of 20 million vehicles produced by General Motors and Honda, which were found to be related to a similar fault that involved Takata-made units, which reportedly could break apart during deployment and cause potentially deadly splinters. 

    At least five deaths have been linked to the faulty airbags, including the death of an American woman, whose death was initially thought to be a homicide due to the horryfing injuries found on the deceased. Takata has since been the subject of numerous lawsuits as a result, and a criminal investigation has been launched into the matter. 

    It is known the recall by Toyota will affect 1.35 million units sold in Japan, 637,000 units in the U.S., and a further 1.26 million units in Europe, reported AFP