Indonesian Evacuation Official Injured in Yemen Blast

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The number of Indonesians that were injured in the bomb explosion incident that damaged the Indonesian Embassy building in Yemen has increased to three people. One of the injured was Sapto Nugroho, head of the Indonesian evacuation team who has been recently transferred from Hudaidah to Sanaa. Sapto and his team were planning to evacuate 50 Indonesians trapped in their houses.

    Lalu Muhammad Iqbal, Director of Indonesian Protection and Legal Entity of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, said that the actual target of the bombing was a weapons storage located on the Faj Attan mountain, some five kilometers away from the embassy. "Because [the target] is a weapon storage, the explosion was massive and it damaged the embassy," Iqbal said.

    Iqbal added that other than Sapto, two other Indonesians injured in the explosion were a male and a female. The male victim is currently treated in a safe house while the female victim was rushed to the hospital.

    Iqbal said that the attack was the largest ever since the government and the rebel engage each other on March 25, 2015.