Migrant Worker Protection Agency Anticipates ISIS Movement

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  • TEMPO/Fully Syafi

    TEMPO/Fully Syafi

    TEMPO.CO, Pontianak - The Worker Protection and Recruitment Agency (BP3TKI) in Pontianak is anticipating local residents from joining ISIS as the militant group might use the flow of migrant workers to recruit new members.

    "ISIS has triggered concerns among governments and public," said BP3TKI preparation and placement division chief As-Syafii on Friday, March 20, 2015. The Indonesian government has identified that ISIS movement leads to terrorism. Middle Eastern countries are also trying to curb this movement.

    "Migrant workers will be briefed about this understanding before their departure," said Syafii.

    Before the rise of this radical movement, the central government had also imposed moratorium on sending workers to Middle Eastern countries such as Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria in 2011.

    "We've also tightened the selection of migrant workers in West Kalimantan, especially in Entikong. We prevented 448 people in 2014 and 53 people in January-March 2015 from going abroad," Syafii said.