February Sees 0.36 Percent Deflation

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  • TEMPO/Wisnu Agung Prasetyo

    TEMPO/Wisnu Agung Prasetyo

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The rice price hike in the past week has yet to affect the nation's inflation rate significantly compared to the decreased oil prices.

    The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) on Monday reported that deflation rate throughout February 2015 was 0.36 percent, while the annual inflation rate from January 2014 to January 2015 was 6.29 percent.

    Distribution and Services Statistics deputy Sasmito Hadi Wibowo said the February deflation rate was still shaped by the drop in oil prices. “Even though rice prices rose, the prices of other basic commodities declined," he said on Monday. 

    Deflation occurred in 70 cities with the highest at 2.35 percent in Bukittinggi and the lowest at 0.04 percent in Jayapura, while 12 other cities experienced inflation. Tual saw the highest inflation with 3.2 percent from increased fish prices.

    The BPS said deflation took place following the decine in expenditure for transportation, communication and financial services of 1.53 percent and higher expenditure of foodstuff.