Stimulating Creativity Through Lego

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  • Indonesian Lego Community. Image: Tempo

    Indonesian Lego Community. Image: Tempo

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Not only liked by the children, Lego has claimed its place among adults. In fact, a special community was founded in February 13, 2007 for people who likes to explore their creative minds through Lego. The community is called the Indonesian Lego Community (KLI).

    KLI was initiated by four adults who loves to play and hunt lego in stores in Jakarta. Starting as a community to hang out, KLI has developed into a place to share inspiration, discussions, and to host various events.

    “In short, the forum accommodates inspirations of people who play lego as a hobby,” said Yudho Prabowo, one of the founder.

    Now KLI has recorded 10,428 members registered on their Facebook accounts and continue to hold events both inside and outside the country. Members are coming from various backgrounds from employee to elementary school students.

    “We don’t set limitation to age or backgrounds for our potential members. We are open for anyone who wants to join or wants to know more about lego,” Yudho added.

    Despite the good relationship the community has built with Lego’s official distributor in Indonesia PT ALJ, KLI refuse to be seen as affiliating with any commercial company or other enterprise.

    “We are independent and non-commercial.”

    KLI displays Lego creations made by their members in the community’s website.  a fire department building by Topaz Kuntadi is displayed in the website. To make it looks like the real building, Topaz had to count how many lego pieces he would need. He also first made the design and construction. Details matter and becomes the art of playing the lego.

    The community also make reviews on the latest set of lego. One set of lego usually comes in particular theme such as classic and popular theme like Star Wars. The 2007 Star Wars edition is known as the most expensive lego set in the world.

    “The price has now reached US$12,000 (Rp150 million),” Yudho explained.