Thursday, 27 February 2020

Malaysian Cleric Issues Fatwa to Ban Luwak Coffee

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Malaysian Muslim clerics have issued fatwas banning everything from Luwak coffee, yoga, to Valentine’s Day in Malaysia in a bid to stop the influence of Western culture. Their fatwas are even stricter than the one’s issued by the Indonesian Clerics.

    While Malaysia is a bastion of Islam, many residents see themselves as both devout to their faith and cosmopolitan in their interests.

    Not only have they banned Valentine’s Day celebrations, Yoga, Halloween and Black metal music, but also wagyu beef, luwak coffee (civet coffee) and Botox injections.

    Here is the list of haram fatwas by the Malaysian clerics:

    1.Yoga – Its Hindu origins can 'destroy the faith of a Muslim'.

    2.Wagyu beef - the cows are occasionally fed beer which is forbidden.

    3.Botox - unless medically necessary.

    4.Black metal - is said to be powerful enough to 'force a Muslim to forsake their faith'.

    5.Valentine's Day - as it has elements of Christianity and 'its practice is mixed with immoral acts'.

    6.Halloween - it is too Christian and is also 'associated with the devil'.

    7.Luwak/Civet Coffee - if the beans are defecated by animals before being processed.