South Jakarta Fines 95 Litterbugs

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - At least 95 residents in South Jakarta, were put on trial in South Jakarta District Court for violating Bylaw number 7 of 2008 on Public Order. Some of them were also put on trial for littering.

    Head of South Jakarta Public Order Agency Praja Sulistyarto said that 10 out of those people were declared guilty for committing minor offences.

    "They are litterbugs,” said Sulistyarto.

    They, Sulistyarto said, were given a fine of Rp150,000 for their deed and if they repeat the actions and are arrested again, they will be given a maximum fine.

    "If they are arrested again, they will be fined up to Rp500,000,” he said, adding that this is in accordance with the Bylaw Number 3 of 2013 on Garbage Management.

    Last week, South Jakarta District Court also punished 13 litterbugs.

    Head of South Jakarta Sanitary Agency Zaenal Syarifudin said that the agency was taking measures to reduce the amount of garbage in the city.

    For the record, every day, South Jakarta produces more than 1,160 tons of garbage and not all those garbage could be transported to Bantar Gebang landfill in Bekasi due to the limited garbage trucks.

    With the measure, Zaenal hoped that the residents would stop throwing garbage wherever they please.

    "We are also encouraging the residents to process their garbage,” Zaenal said, adding that the agency was planning a garbage processing system.