Sugar Productivity Below Target due to Low Sugar Content

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  • Ilustrasi gula pasir. ANTARA/Adhitya Hendra

    Ilustrasi gula pasir. ANTARA/Adhitya Hendra

    TEMPO.CO, Sragen – State plantation firm PT Perkebunan Nusantara IX (PTPN IX) failed to meet sugar production target in 2014 at 164,000 tons. PTPN IX president director Adi Prasongko said the company could only manage to achieve a 156,000-ton productivity due to low sugar content in sugar cane plants. 

    “[The sugar content] is at an average of 6.4 percent at our eight sugar factories,” Adi said on Friday, December 5, 2014. 

    Adi added that the low sugar content was attributed to aging factories, such as PG Mojo, which was built in 1883. According to Adi, it would need sugar cane with at least 10 percent sugar content to get high-quality sugar produces.

    “The solution is building new sugar factories,” Adi said.

    Adi revealed he was planning to build three new factories in Sragen, Java North Coast and Kudus.

    "If the new factories are ready, we will call on farmers to plant sugar canes with high sugar content,” he said.

    Adi explained that there was currently a reserve of 76,000 tons sold by farmers through PTPN IX.

    “We have sold 43,000 tons. Now, the rest belong to the farmers,” Adi said.