Pertamax Consumption in Kalimantan Up by 21 Percent

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    Konsumsi Pertamax Melonjak

    TEMPO.CO, Balikpapan - Andar Titi Lestari, Pertamina's marketing external relations supervisor in Kalimantan, said that subsidized fuel price increase has increased the consumption rate of non-subsidized fuel such as Pertamax and Pertamax Plus in Kalimantan. "The average increase is 21 percent," he said on Thursday, December 4, 2014.

    Consumers have shifted to non-subsidized fuel because the price difference is not that far from Premium. Andar hoped that the consumption rate of non-subsidized fuel will continue to increase. "People have gotten used to the benefit of using Pertamax," she said. 

    However, the prices of Pertamax and Pertamax Plus in Kalimantan are higher compared to Java. Pertamax in Kalimantan is sold at Rp 12,000 per liter and while Pertamax Plus is sold at Rp 11,350 per liter, higher compared to the Rp 9,950 per liter price in Jakarta.

    Andar said that the high price was the result of a different ditribution method, where in Kalimantan, fuel are being distributed using tanker trucks while in Java, fuel distribution is carried out using pipelines, which is more efficient.