Govt' to Distribute 9.5 Tons of Fertilizers  

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  • Petani Minta Pemerintah Tambah Subsidi Pupuk

    Petani Minta Pemerintah Tambah Subsidi Pupuk

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Gatot Irianto, Director General of Infrastructure at the Ministry of Agriculture, said that the government is planning to allocate 9.5 million tons of subsidized fertilizer. The government is optimistic that the demand for fertilizer until the end of the year can be fulfilled.

    In 2014, the quota of subsidized fertilizer suffered a deficit with only 7.7 tons of fertilizer available. To meet the demands and needs of farmers, the government has agreed to increase the quota to 9.5 million tons.

    "We ensured that the fertilizers are distributed to the farmers," said Gatot.

    The government will also supervise the distribution of the fertilizers to prevent any violations.

    Chairman of the Indonesian Farmers Association Henry Saragih, said that the subsidy for fertilizers in 2015 will be enough if the government is willing to change the agriculture system in the country. "Starting from improving fertilizer distribution to conducting an eco-farming system," said Henry.