Labor Wage in Bojonegoro to be Evaluated

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The District Government of Bojonegoro, East Java, will evaluate the 2015 District’s Minimum Wage after the increase prices of diesel and gasoline.  Bojonegoro’s minimum wage is currently Rp1,029,000 and is suggested to be Rp1,280,000 next year.

    However, due to the inrease of fuel prices, the suggestion is to be reconsidered. “We will evaluate it again,” Head of Man Power and Transmigration Department Bojonegoro Adi Witjaksono, said on Wednesday, November 19.

    Adi has yet to determine when the evaluation will take place because Bojonegoro’s minimum wage is still being discussed along with 38 other suggestions from 38 districts or the whole east java city.

    In other aspect, there are gaps in labor wage in the oil and gas and non-oil sector.  “People in non-oil sector gets a smaller wage,” said Sunoto, 36-year-old, an employee of a private company.

    Labor cost in the non-oil sector follow the minimum wage set by the government, whereas wages in the oil sector, especially at Cepu Block and the surroundings, could receive twice the minimum wage that currently apply.

    From the work aspect, its not far different because both work on non-technical fields.  “We need a policy on that, especially when Bojonegoro has been headed towards the oil industry,” he said.