Red Chilli Prices Soar, Paddy Farmers Turn to Chilli Farming

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  • Cabai merah besar. TEMPO/Aris Novia Hidayat

    Cabai merah besar. TEMPO/Aris Novia Hidayat

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Chilli prices that have rocketed for the past two weeks made farmers in Klampar Village, Pamekasan District, East Java, prioritize their lands to be planted with chilli seeds in expect to gain huge profit.  “Chillis are expensive, so our priority is to plant chilli first,” Husen, a farmer in Klampar, said on Thursday, November 20.

    Although prioritizing in chilli, Husen will not plant his whole land with chilli seeds.  Paddies and corns will also be planted, because corns and paddies have relatively stable prices compared to chilli.  “Once chilli prices go down, it will be really cheap,” he said.

    Head of Industry and Trade Department Pamekasan, Bambang Edy Suprapto, confirmed the steps taken by the farmers.  But according to Bambang, rainy season is here and mass plantings will make chilli prices in the market to become stabil.

    The spiking of chilli price is not merely caused by the increased price of subsidized fuel, but also its lack of stock.  “I believe that chilli prices will return to normal in a short time,” Bambang said.

    Pamekasan’s Industry and Trade Department data mentioned that in the past two weeks, cayenne pepper price jumped by 100 percent, from Rp25,000 to become Rp50,000 per kilogram.

    After the increased price of fuel, cayenne pepper prices in Kolpajung Market went up to became Rp60,000 per kilogram.