Faisal Basri Speaks about Oil and Gas Mafia

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Oil and Gas Governance Reform Team chief Faisal Basri said on Monday one of the causes why mafia in oil and gas (migas) sector still exists is because of the nontransparent purchasing and procurement of oil and gas commodity.

    He continued that migas mafia also comes from several loose policies and regulations as well as structured incentive scheme in that business. Therefore, eradicating migas mafia can be done by building strong economic institution.

    “If the economic institution in migas sector is inclusive, groups that want to take over to gain profit can be minimized,” he said.

    On Sunday, Energy and Resources Minister Sudirman Said appointed Faisal Basri as the chief of the Oil and Gas Governance Reform Team.

    The team has four tasks; they are reviewing all licensing process in migas sector, rearranging related institutions in migas management, accelerating revision of Migas Law and revising business processes to prevent rentiers in every chain of migas industry.