LCGC Dominates Car Sales Despite Fuel Price Hike

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    75 Ribu LCGC Siap Diproduksi

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The notion of fuel price hike begins taking its toll on used car sales in Kediri as recent transaction is dominated by the Low Cost Green Car (LCGC), known also as City Car. "The sales have dropped to 40 percent," said Suwarni, used car showroom manager.

    The decreasing transaction began two months ago, when President Jokowi confirmed fuel price hike. He claimed that car sales, previously going at around 15 units per month, then dropped to eight units per month.

    Suwarni added that the sales were also dominated by city car, as buyers tend to opt small engine vehicles. LCGC is claimed to save fuel, thus will be effective if fuel price hike takes place. Moreover, he said that city car is highly affordable with prices ranging around Rp 90 million.