Nearly 300 Mining Permits in Sulawesi Unregistered

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  • TEMPO.CO, Makassar – The South Sulawesi province has 414 mining permits (IUP) at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. However, the actual number of IUPs issued by the provincial government reaches more than 700, according to Sukhyar, the Energy Ministry's director general for coal and mineral.

    "This means that 286 IUPs are illegitimate as they are not registered in the Ministry," Sukhyar said when monitoring and evaluating of mineral and coal management in Makassar, yesterday.

    Sukhyar said that as of the end of October, 4,751 mining permits have not been cleared. That number accounts for 44.61 percent of the 10,731 registered at the Energy Ministry. This finding is a shame considering the government is trying to optimize non-tax revenues from the mining sector.

    Gunawan Palaguna, South Sulawesi's chief of Energy and Mineral Resources Department , said that the 286 unregistered IUPs had been submitted to the Energy Ministry but the local department has not received a response.