October Inflation Rate Increases by 0.47%

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Central Statistics Agency (BPK) chief Suryamin said on Monday inflation rate on October 2014 increased to 0.27 percent.

    According to Suryamin, the annual inflation rate is 4.19 percent and year-on-year inflation rate is 4.83 percent. For core component, the inflation rate on October 2014 was 0.27 percent.

    Based on Consumer Price Index in October, inflation occurred in 74 cities while deflation occurred in eight cities. The highest inflation was in Tual City with 2.18 percent and the lowest was 0.06 percent. The highest deflation was in Sorong City with 1.08 percent.

    Suryamin explained that some commodities that experienced inflation were housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel with 1.04 percent. Another component of inflation is the health sector with 0.6 percent.

    Processed food, drink, cigarette and tobacco contributed 0.43 percent. “This is the effect of the rise in cost of goods, LPG and electricity,” he said.