Infrastructure Bank Crucial for State Development: Perbanas

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  • Perbanas: Margin Bank Bakal Turun 0,5 Persen

    Perbanas: Margin Bank Bakal Turun 0,5 Persen

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Sigit Pramono, chairman of the National Bank Association (Perbanas), again stresses the importance of a special bank that finances of infrastructure projects and other long-term investments.

    "We need infrastructure development and long-term investments to accelerate Indonesia's exit from being a middle income country," Sigit said during a book launch titled 'Mimpi Punya Bank Besar' or 'The Dream to have a Big Bank' in Jakarta, yesterday.

    A special development bank is important, according to Sigit, because the structure of third-party funds collected in infrastructure projects do not attract commercial banks. That's why, he said, banking capacity must be enlarged so it could drive Indonesia's development. One way to do this is by agreeing upon a blueprint for the Indonesian banking industry, a plan known as the Indonesian Banking Development Plan.

    Pointing out the current trend of general credit distribution, University of Indonesia economist Lana Soelistianingsih projected a slowdown until the end of the year. This is partly reflected in the declining growth of working capital loans.

    "The slowdown can be caused by restricting banks in giving out loans or by applying high interest rates policy," he said.

    Bank Indonesia's survey for banking industry in third quarter of 2014, released on Wednesday, indicates deceleration in the growth of new loans. The main factors causing this slowdown, according to the survey, are low demand for customer financing, rising interest rates and increased credit risks.