Pertamina Introduces "Bright Gas" at South Sulawesi Fair

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  • Bright Gas Bisa Gantikan Elpiji 12 Kilogram

    Bright Gas Bisa Gantikan Elpiji 12 Kilogram

    TEMPO.CO, Makassar - Pertamina Marketing Operational Regional (MOR) VII introduced the "Bright Gas" at the South Sulawesi Fair held at Celebes Convention Center (CCC) in Makassar.

    "During the fair, consumers can exchange their 12-kg gas canister with the new Bright Gas. Consumers will only need to pay for gas price," said Pertamina MOR VII external relationship officer Ibnu Adiwena in Makassar yesterday.

    The "Bright Gas", Ibnu added, has several advantages, including the "seal cap" protective rubber.

    According to Ibnu, Pertamina’s participation at the fair was aimed to introduce Pertamina’s products to the public.

    "We aim to sell as many products as possible. But what’s more important is that public can see and recognize Pertamina’s other products," Ibnu said.

    In addition to the "Bright Gas", Ibnu said, Pertamina also introduced the Pertamax in a 20-liter can. Ibnu explained that the product is particularly useful for long-distance travelling.