10,000 MW Power Plant to be Constructed Every Year

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  • Ketika Listrik Jakarta Terkena Imbas Pembangkit Pacitan

    Ketika Listrik Jakarta Terkena Imbas Pembangkit Pacitan

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The government is planning to build 10,000-megawatts (MW) power plant every year until 2031. According to Energy and Mineral Resources Deputy Minister Susilo Siswoutomo, the plan is aimed at supporting 24,000 MW electricity demands. "There's no other choices," said Susilo on Wednesday, October 1, 2014.

    He said that currently, Indonesia is only capable of providing 50,000 MW of electricity while the current economic condition causes electricity demands to increase by seven to eight percent each year. Hopefully, by 2022, power plants in Indonesia can provide a total of 125,000 MW of electricity.

    In order to achieve the target, large amount of fund is needed. Susilo said that to generate 1 MW of electricity requires a Rp. 2 million investment. Therefore, to build 10,000 MW, Rp. 200 trillion will be required every year. As a result, the role of private sector has become essential in the project.