Expert Questions Govt's Policy on Newmont  

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  • Pemerintah Dukung Pencabutan Gugatan Newmont

    Pemerintah Dukung Pencabutan Gugatan Newmont

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - An expert in Energy Assessment from the University of Indonesia, said that an excessive exploration will occur with the increased export quota of PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara (NNT). The additional exploration policy, he said, showed that the government does not possess strategic plans for the future. This condition could cause shortage in domestic demand.

    “Natural resources should be for the people's interests, not just to gain profit,” he said when contacted by Tempo, Saturday, September 20. When in fact, he said, high amount of natural resources can become an added value to the country. However, many natural resources have been exported in the form of raw minerals.

    Besides excessive exploration, the additional quota could cause its price to drop. “That's economic law, if there are (too) many supplies, then its prices will fall,” he said.

    Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry director general for minerals and coal R. Sukhyar, stated that he has issued a letter of recommendation to PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara to export concentrates. According to Sukhyar, with the letter, the organization can export concentrates up to 304,515 tons for six months. The figure, he said, is actually a quota for three years. Newmont's capability to produce 600,000 tons per years, has become his excuse to increase the quota.