Microsoft No Longer Use Nokia, Windows Phone  

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  • Microsoft Corp. signage outside the Microsoft Visitor Center in Redmond, Wash. AP/Ted S. Warren

    Microsoft Corp. signage outside the Microsoft Visitor Center in Redmond, Wash. AP/Ted S. Warren

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Microsoft plans on stopping using Nokia and Windows Phone for its marketing material. The Verge confirmed that the material is authentic and accurate.

    "As part of our phased transition, we will drop the manufacturer name [Nokia] from product references during the Holiday campaign," reads one of the slides.

    Microsoft is also planning not to use the Windows Phone logo in promotions and commercials, instead it will be replaced with just Windows.

    Although the death of the Nokia brand is understandable since Microsoft only acquired the phone business from the Finnish company, but a move to elude from the Windows Phone brand indicates a strategy change.

    It is unsurprising seeing some of the company's recent moves. Microsoft’s latest commercials for the Lumia 930 did not mention Windows Phone at all. In fact, Microsoft refers to Windows Phone simply as Windows.

    HTC’s new One M8 for Windows also did not mention the Windows Phone name in rather than just Windows. Microsoft’s Cortana ads did not even mention Windows Phone apart from a small URL during the entire 30-second duration.

    Promotional videos for the latest Lumia 530, Lumia 730, and Lumia 830 handsets also fail to mention Windows Phone.

    All this evidence led to speculate whether Microsoft is simply planning to just use Windows for its brand in the future.

    The Windows Phone to Windows change is underway and it is likely related to the upcoming combined version of Windows RT and Windows Phone which is expected to release in spring 2015.

    Microsoft is gradually executing its one Windows vision with universal applicatins across phone, PC, and Xbox, and one way to communicate that is by eliminating the Windows Phone brand for marketing purposes.

    This does not mean the Windows Phone operating system is dead, just that Microsoft will not be using it as a brand in marketing materials in future.

    The Verge tried to contact Microsoft for comments, but a spokesperson said the company had nothing to share about the Nokia and Windows Phone rebranding efforts.

    Antara Anita Permata Dewi