Audi Focuses on South Korean Young Executives

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  • Audi A8 (Dok Audi)

    Audi A8 (Dok Audi)

    TEMPO.CO, Seoul - German car manufacturer Audi, continues its penetration to the South Korean market by launching its new variant, the luxurious Audi A8. The automotive company targets young executives as their primary consumers.

    Director of Audi Korea Johannes Thammar, said that the launch of the brand new sedan is part of the company's strategy to compete with their competitors who have already taken the market share of high class consumers in South Korea: Mercedes Benz with their S-Class premium sedans; and BMW with their 7-Series sedans.

    The Korea News reported that since it was released on July 3, 2014, Audi has sold 150 A8 sedans. In total, Audi has sold 16,396 cars in the first seven months of 2014, a number 46.7 percent higher compared to the same period in 2013.

    Compared to its competitors, Audi books the highest number of car sales increase. Based on the data by the Automotive Importers and Distributors Association of Korea, Mercedes Benz recorded a sales increase of 40.5 percent, Volkswagen 36.6 percent, and BMW 19.5 percent.

    The new Audi A8 was designed as a stylish car for young executives. The interior and exterior gives off an elegant and luxurious look. "A sporty car with the latest technology is what makes Audi favored among the young generation," said Thammer. In Korea, this luxurious car is retailed at 126,7 million Won or US$ 124,000.